Sms Printers

SMS Printers

SMS Printers specialise in machines which print labels, tags and signs. You might be surprised just how useful such a device can be in manufacturing, commercial and domestic environments.
A century ago, the pace of life was much slower than it is today. Many homes were still without a domestic electricity supply, and inventions like television and the internet were still way in the future. Rarely in their daily lives would anyone come across technology with which they were unfamiliar, and even when they did these items would not usually be dangerous to them if they were treated with a modicum of respect. If someone did get hurt, it was usually because they had been quite silly and would be too embarrassed to try to get money from the manufacturers of the item in question. Looking back on those simpler times, it sometimes seems a shame that our modern lives are bombarded by stickers saying “Danger!”, “Caution!”, “Handle With Care”, and don’t do this, that or the other. But in an age when we can come across products which are new to us any and every day – and manufacturers and owners can be forced to pay compensation to anyone who injures themselves with an item – it is necessary to have labels to tell us how to use devices, and how not to use them.
Businesses throughout Europe use SMS printers to produce bespoke labels and signs for their products and workplaces. If a manufacturer handles the packaging of their products in house, they may be required by law or convention to include certain warnings or information with every piece -wiring instructions on a three pin plug is a common example. SMS produce a range of label printers which are suitable for small to medium production runs. The model you choose will depend in the size of labels you need and the materials you wish to print on.
Specification varies from model to model, but most of the printers in the SMS range print at an industry standard resolution of 300 dpi and include such features as automatic cutting and high compatibility with various software packages. From one off jobs to extensive runs, these printers will produce professional quality warning and instruction labels time and time again with sharp lettering and attention grabbing colours. With some models in the range able to print media up to 100mm wide and over, SMS printers are also ideal for producing workplace signage. Print out usage instructions and warning signs for machinery. Make stickers to ensure equipment is not removed from your desk or department. Or maybe you just want to print out a name tag for your office door. SMS printers can do it all.
Being inundated with labels and signs is a side effect of our fast paced, materially oriented society. Like it or not, signs and labels are an integral part of modern life, and SMS printers can take the headache out of designing and producing these items to the required specification.