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At MLPS, we supply a wide range of printers, including RFID Inkjet Label Printers. These devices are those which will both encode and print information on RFID inlays or labels. You can use these to print on labels while also saving your business valuable time at once. Not only can you print readable numbers and information with an RFID inkjet label printer, Lincolnshire, but you can also print 1D and 2D graphics and barcodes.

The biggest draw of the MLPS RFID inkjet label printer Lincolnshire is that they can add value to your business by saving you time when it comes to encoding. The larger industrial printers print upwards of 14 inches per second, depending on the operation. This is equal to six tags per second, including breaks. Before you go shopping for your RFID printer, it would help to know what types of RFID printers there are available to you. Let’s take a look!
Types of RFID Printers
The most common way to differentiate RFID printers is by usage, with tag compatibility a close second. When it comes to printer usage, the options include:
Industrial. These RFID printers print over 10,000 tags per day, and they are made to be a highly durable option. They are used in many different application environments, and they stand out because of their ability to print high levels of labels at once in a day, week, or month. Industrial printers are the best option if you are looking to print thousands of labels at once.
Desktop. Desktop RFID printers have the capacity to print 500+ labels per day. They’re designed for those in the office, and they keep up with a low volume of printed labels each day. They’re a smaller, more compact option which is perfect for smaller office environments that don’t require as many label printing sessions.
Mobile. Mobile printers are not at all as standard as the other two options, but they are a convenient solution to the problem. They need specialised media, and it’s better only to use these if you require around 200 labels printed per day.
Why Buy Printers With Us
At MLPS, we are most concerned with you getting the best for your money. Our RFID inkjet label printer Lincolnshire options are there to ensure that you are going to get what you need for your business. We believe that your requirements are our biggest concern, which is why we have a trained team of experts who are ready to take your information and talk to you through the options available. You need to think about the best printing options that will fit your business and your long-term needs - this way, you avoid buying a smaller than necessary printer! Contact us today and we can help you to decide on the best RFID inkjet label printer Lincolnshire has to offer. Don’t hesitate!