Primera Rx900e Printer

Primera RX900E Printer

For businesses that deal with precision parts, biological and chemical samples, pharmaceutical production and other high demand industries, product control is a priority. The need to track the sample, product and part is essential. For example, in a biomedical lab, being able to quickly identify the location of a bio-sample, which stage of a process it is currently in and the relevant results associated with the sample is a requirement. At the same time, costs need to be minimised as market pressures are continually increasing in a global economy.
If this describes your business, then it is likely that you would benefit from an RFID label printer, such as the Primera RX900E printer. The Primera RX900E printer is an on-demand RFID label printer. MLPS is a specialist supplier of label printers.
What should you consider when choosing an RFID label printer?
An important aspect is whether the printer offers an ‘on-demand’ service. In what sense? An ‘on-demand’ printer means that it prints the RFID coded label when you require it. The advantage to this is significant. It means that you do not have to store a pre-printed collection of RFID labels. This saves on storage space. But more importantly, there is no chance of labels becoming mixed up. For example, there are no sheets of pre-printed labels which could become disorganised and result in your vital records, parts or samples becoming misidentified. At best this wastes time and effort, and at worst could have financial or legal consequences. The Primera RX900E printer is a true ‘on-demand’ printer, so you can print one label at a time.
Another thing to make sure of is whether the printer speed is quick enough. Printing your labels is only beneficial if you can print sufficiently quickly to not delay your processes. Since the Primera RX900E printer prints at 114mm per second, you don’t need to worry about losing valuable production time.
Another thing to make sure of is that the printer can handle your requirements in terms of size and quality. There is no benefit to printing your own labels only to find that you then need to change other parts of the production process such as the size of the file that the label will be attached to. The Primera RX900E printer prints in full colour, meaning that the finished product is clear to read but also looks professional for your clients. It can also handle printing labels from 25.4mm to 216mm, meaning that you have the flexibility to print the labels you need for your production processes.
By using a printer like the Primera RX900E printer to make your own RFID labels, you have complete control of the production process. You will avoid wasted time in locating samples or parts and be able to guarantee a higher degree of security during your processes.
MLPS specialise in providing a range of printers for labels, including the Primera RX900E printer. Why not contact MLPS today so that they can advise you on what model of label printer would be the best to meet your needs?