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REBO TORO All in one portable label and sign printer.

It’s small, portable and comes with everything to design and print labels. The Toro is one of the first totally stand-alone industrial label printers with a built-in “qwerty” keyboard and full colour tablet-type touch screen. Labels can be printed in the field or around the plant without the hassle of hooking up to a PC, network or power outlet. Industrial label printing has never been so easy or so free, so setup and operation is about as simple as it gets.

There's no sacrifice in print quality either. The Toro delivers quality 300 dpi resolution and prints onto supply sizes up to 100mm-wide. There's a whole host of application-specific supplies you can use with the Rebo Toro. Print everything from die cut safety labels to glow-in-the-dark photo luminescent labels to ultra-aggressive adhesive high tack labels for textured surfaces. Supply and ribbon loading are easily managed from a top side loading department.

With its long battery life, 9" touchscreen and full-size flip down keyboard, the TORO can be hand carried anywhere on-site, and used immediately~





£1995.00 exc VAT
(£2394.00 inc VAT)